This I Believe DMC & Comp. Log

Here is my final product! ^^

Composition Log:

-brainstorm ideas
I thought about things I believe about family, about hard work, about the importance of having close and supportive relationships in your life, about how seeing different places and cultures can give you different perspective on the world. I have not yet decided on a topic, still turning things over in my head.

**Didn’t do any work over the long weekend on my TIB project 😦 **

-in class
I decided on the theme of the importance of human connection. I began writing my This I Believe essay, somewhere between outline form and essay form. I think I will change a lot of the order and phrasing of my essay once I start organizing it into a video; I am just jotting down important concepts around my theme, trying to grasp exactly “what I believe” about it. I’m having some back-and-forth issues about how personal vs. generally about the human condition I want to make my essay.

– I brainstormed and browsed ideas for images that I can use in my project, found some personal photos and tried a couple (both successful and un-) search terms for more general images. I also decided to make some images of my own to use and include some of the words or quotes from my TIB essay.

– As I’m working with my essay, I think I am changing my topic to “play”. I think this video will be more fun and the images will be easier to find and coordinate. I also think the essay can be broader and more uplifting, starting my new essay tonight.
– I wrote most of my essay, still trying to work on the conclusion and editing. I also started trying out the different online programs for putting together the video.

– This weekend I finalized my essay. I put together most of the video, still have to add the sound and the about another minute, plus the final credits. All the images I used either belonged to me, my friends, or Creative Commons, so the credits will be simple. I used WeVideo editor on YouTube to put it together, which was pretty easy, as long as you remember to save after every change made. The only flaw I’ve found in the program s far is that if I have any other programs running on my computer, the program is prone to freezing.

– Before class I recorded my essay and matched up most of the timing on the slides, still working on the last 30 seconds. Aligning the right moments of the audio and images is HARD. Then when I went back later to edit the video, the voice track was inserted before the images instead of concurrently, for some reason, even though that’s not how I saved it. I’m going to google solutions and work on fixing it after my 5pm class. Hopefully it will be a simple fix and I can finish up my video to upload before our class meets tomorrow.
– After class, I figured out how to fix the video sound. Google wasn’t helpful and neither was the FAQ, since apparently the voice recording has a bunch of recently added features. The sound is pretty satisfactory except for a few blips or transitions. The images ended up being right where I want them, I added 2 more slides, a closing title, and an ending credits slide and closing music. After I finish this entry, I am posting the log, essay, and video in my wordpress blog.

Final Essay:

           I believe in play. I believe that everyone, no matter how old, needs to have moments of release, moments where they do not take themselves too seriously. From a young age, playing can encourage imagination. Kids embrace imagination. I believe that we need to keep that imagination with us as we age. Everyone needs to take time to set down their work, get outside, and try something new. Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Feel the sunshine on your face and the grass under your feet.

           I believe in the importance of relaxation. Free yourself from the rush of everyday life and discover a new hobby. Meet others who are similar to yourself; meet people who are different from you. Learn something you didn’t know about yourself, or, better yet, add something new to you. Explore. Find places you have never seen, even if they’re only in your own neighborhood. See life from a different point of view.

           Play with your own expectations. A life without play does not allow exploration and any opportunity for self-growth. As we grow, our lives become more stressful. Our time seems more limited, and often we feel that we are spreading ourselves too thin. The harder you work, the more important it is to find time for play in your life. Balance is everything. Find the child within yourself when you play. Lose yourself in the activity, and let any worry of the time you are devoting to your own well-being slip away. Time playing is not time wasted.
Play music. You don’t have to be professional, or even be good, just experiment. Play with your mind. Write, draw, create. Never fall out of touch with your imagination. I believe that too many people get locked into a routine and lose track of their time trying to keep up with their lives and responsibilities. I believe we must find time to be free, relax, and get to know each other and ourselves. I believe in play.

The parallel composing process was something that I have had little experience with before. I began by writing the essay in its entirety, and the audio track I recorded was almost the same as the essay, although I added some words in here and there to make it sound more natural as I was speaking. The way which the video composing process most influenced my essay writing was in the subject. Since I had to both share and illustrate with pictures, I chose to do a lighter and less deeply personal topic than I perhaps otherwise would have. I also tried to choose a topic which could be displayed easily in images. I think the parallel composition can be useful to students in being creative with their writing and approaching their ideas from a different starting point by focusing on images or audio over the more traditional essay composition.


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