ds106 assignment A (Colorize It!)

Visual Assignment #518: Colorize It

“Use a photo you have previously taken, and adjust the colors in the picture. Make sure to adjust more than one color. You can adjust the colors to be unrealistic, or make them go along with the idea of the original picture.”

I chose some of the pictures I had on my computer that had lots of different colors in them to begin with. I used Windows Live photo gallery and played with the color tints, hues, and saturation. I also adjusted the exposure with highlights, shadows, brightness and contrast. The assignment didn’t specifically ask for me to play with the exposure as well, but the colors are affected by the exposure, too. I liked this activity, and I messed around with a lot more of my pictures just for fun, as well.

I did several examples of a re-colorized photo, these were my favorite that I tried:


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4 responses to “ds106 assignment A (Colorize It!)

  1. Very cool. Can you add the assignment tags or did you add it manually? I like the over-exposure aspect of these. What did you use?

  2. I love how vibrant these are, it reminds me of everyone’s fascination with Instagram, which reluctantly to say, is pretty cool.

  3. These are really interesting, I liked the 3rd one the best seems like something out of a dream.

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