ds106 assignment b

For my second ds106 assignment, I chose:

Photo It Like Peanut Butter: Rather than making animated GIFs from movie scenes, for this assignment, generate one a real world object/place by using your own series of photographs as the source material. Bonus points for minmal amounts of movement, the subtle stuff.

I used photos I had taken with my sister and her friend on some railroad tracks. I tried several different sets of photos that I had, but these were the most sequential. They made the most seamless gif with the least “jumpy” movements. I used makeagif.com. It was a simple system, you just upload your photos, order them, then choose the speed and size of the gif. If I made another gif I might try a different software just to try one with more options. I manually uploaded the gif to ds106 (mine’s the one titled *Brielle’s gif*), and the assignment link is at the beginning of this post. The direct link to the gif is below (I couldn’t figure out how to embed it in the post).

Railroad gif


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  1. Looks good. I think I will do one of these for fun myself. I’ve never made one either. It is all new to me!

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