Affinity Space

Above is my affinity space video.

I chose the Harry Potter fandom as my affinity space. Making this video was easier than my experience with making the digital multi-modal composition because I was more comfortable using the programs. I used the same YouTube video editor as I used in the previous project to make the video, so recording the sound and integrating the images was easy. This project I also used screencasts (one of a YouTube video and one of a website). First, I tried to use Screencast-o-matic, a free program, but I had trouble converting the videos to something I could upload into my project. In the end I used a free trial version of VideoGrabber. This was a very simple program with an adjustable screencaster and a “convert” button. Although acquiring the screencasts was easy with this program, I do not think I have a very adept hand at integrating them into my videos yet. I felt the final result served its purpose adequately enough, but was clunkier than I would have liked. I think that is just a matter of being comfortable with the software and knowing how and when to edit the clips. All of the images that I used were licensed under Creative Commons, but the website and YouTube clip I used were not. I gave each individual credit on the end of the video along with the website links.

Project Questions:

1. Affinity spaces can increase the knowledge of each fan as well as provide them with an opportunity to share their passion with others and feel part of a community. By bringing together people with a common passion, affinity spaces facilitate conversations and generators in the spaces can create content and inspire fans to participate more fully in their passions.

2. The Harry Potter affinity space uses technology in many different ways. There is numerous fan-run sites and fan-created organizations, official movie sites, and an interactive site run by J.K. Rowling and a staff called Pottermore. Fans can create accounts, be sorted into houses, and get little-known facts and “behind-the-scenes” tidbits provided by the author as they go on a digital walkthrough of the books. Fans participate by discussing the books on websites, in forums, and in blogs, and they create their own fanfiction to continue the stories in their own directions.

3. The model of fanfiction could be used in various classroom writing activities. The knowledge learned in an affinity space can also lead to classroom activities such as character studies. Since my chosen affinity space is centered around a book series, the content easily lends itself to the English classroom. Students can use different portals to reach out to others and acquire more knowledge about the story arch, characters, and inspirations behind the writing.


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