ds106 assignment C

For my ds106 choice assignment C, I picked Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (mine are the one’s titled “Brielle’s minimalist posters”). The instructions were very simple: Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.

I tried doing several, with varying levels of success. I used regular old Paint, since most of what I needed was just shapes, outlines, and text boxes. I drew a couple of the designs free-hand, as well. My favorite one is the Alice in Wonderland poster; it is supposed to look like a “down the rabbit hole” image. I also really like the pencil fill effect on the X-files poster. The drawings on the Girl, Interrupted poster are a bit rough, and if I were to do it over I would look for stamps to use. Overall, I thought this was a fun assignment, and I might do some more in addition to these.


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  1. I love your Alice in Wonderland poster, it looks like a book cover! I like the simplicity of all of them…which is made possible by the fact that all of those things are pop culture knowledge so everyone’s going to understand it. Very creative :]

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